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Mud Types

Since Antiquity, mud is used in skin care treatments. Mud is a natural product, which is a mix of mineral water (including sea water and salty lake’s water) and organic or inorganic matters resulting of a geological and/or biological process. It is used for a therapeutic purpose in all of our skin care and body treatments. The Moor Research Institute and the Moor Research International Organization have demonstrated the moor’s effects and is excited in welcoming two new additions to the Moor Family, Alpine Moor Mud and Volcanic Thermal Mud.

NATURAL BLACK MUD – MOOR (30% Humic Acid, 5.5 PH balance)

Canadian peat bogs extracted in winter 15 meters under frozen ground where thermal water is running. It is composed of plant extracts, organic & inorganic substances, minerals and trace elements, biochemical substances. Natural Black Mud is:

  • Astringent
  • Absorbing
  • Ion exchanger
  • Cellular stimulant
  • Anti-inflammatory


  • Activates cellular metabolism
  • Rejection of toxins (detoxifies)
  • Brightens complexion
  • Reduction of hypersensitivity
  • Purifies oily skin, calms congestive skin
  • Stimulates tired skin

ALPINE MOOR MUD - (49% Humic Acid, 6.68 PH balance)

Austrian mud, a dark brown peloid extracted from thousands of years of natural bio-chemical process of plants maturation. Alpine mud composes of plant extracts, organic & inorganic substances, minerals and trace elements, bio-chemical components. Alpine mud increases the resistance of the conjunctive tissues/collagen fibres.

  • Minerals and trace elements activate the cellular metabolism.
  • Skin revitalized, detoxified and relaxed by negative ions.
  • It is recommended for the devitalized/mature skin, leaves the epidermis brightened and toned.
  • Helps fight the negative effects of the environment.


A blend from the sea that contains vitamins, oligo elements, amino acids, proteins, marina DNA and marine liposomes. Rich in Remy Laure’s exclusive seaweed – Porphyridium A,BB, This mask nourishes skin.

  • Its vital trace elements and minerals revitalize dry and dehydrated skin.
  • It restores loss of firmness.
  • Its aroma-therapeutic effect relaxes and de-stresses, leaving skin velvety soft.

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